Debbie Cumming

Love of life, and Joyful Expression are so very important!

I am a Nebraska native and spent my childhood exploring in the woods and along the river banks. As a young woman, I moved
to Arizona and began my quest for all things Metaphysical. I traveled the landscape for many years, in Awe of the energy
that radiates from every grain of sand.

Today, I live in the San Juan Islands and my life has come full circle. I am surrounded by the Ocean, the vast and varied Wildlife, the Greenest Pastures, the Freshest Air, and an abundance of Positive Energy.

My passion and inspiration is fueled by all nature. I am grateful for wonderful People, and the wonderful character of Poets, Philosophers, Saints, Scholars, Zen Masters and the Zen Seeker’s, alike. Each day is another opportunity to embrace the wonder
of all that IS.

I believe in the powerful qualities of artistic revelation. Art is a way to renew and enrich everyday. Art that we Love is Music to our Eyes – Art that we create is Music to our Soul.

artful-debbie I invite you to visit our collection of Artful Images, Beautiful Oracle Cards, and helpful Meditation beads (“My Better Beads”). Let me know if you find anything you like. I will look forward hearing from you. For now, let’s continue to play where all good things manifest!

Enjoy the magic,

Debbie aka debs