Artful Energy and Me

Posted on September 15th, 2018

Today my intention is to give you a piece of me that will make your day better ;o)

This is the day – the time is now – to create all that is new. Today is the day that we get to pay better attention and FEEL the electricity vibrating in our favor. Living RIGHT NOW -is that good! …And tomorrow? WHO CARES! Tomorrow will be TODAY ;o)

Welcome to Artful Energy – the website of Artful Intentions. Many things will develop here at Artful Energy…as we flow along on our journey together. I am excited to have a space to share all the is important to me … What is most important?? HAVING FUN!

Imagination – What a great word! We are all born with it. Art imitating life – well, that’s just a great way to express ourselves along the journey. Artful Energy is the place where I can express my take on life – one image at a time.

The more years that pass – the greater appreciation and passion. I feel for all fellow voyagers, including and embracing all of our intricacies. I am more aware of how fantastic each day is and what a gift it is to be here together.

I believe that through Art, we can express what we feel to all those who fortunate enough to share our space. Art is a way to renew and enliven our spirit(s) – If not an obvious way to add spark to some wall space. Art that we love is Music to our Eyes.

Think about that…?? Music to our EYES! FABULOUS!!

Please enjoy and indulge my Artful Images… through Art, we will meet and play where all good things manifest!

My name is Debbie and I was born into a family of Artists. My Grandmother was a beautiful seamstress who also mastered skills at knitting and crochet. My Aunt and Brother paint and draw… I take pictures and make jewelry. I love color and texture, the sight and smell of everyday life. I am captured by the magic in all things and it is my mission to share what I know with the friends I have and all the friends I will make. Thanks to the awesome avenue we have in the internet – it is easier to be even more connected. Hello – I am SO glad you are here.

My husband, Greg, and I travel often as he works with airplanes for a living. I have always been fascinated by new things and new places. Both of us enjoy photography and we have built quite a collection over the years. Greg is very good at panoramic landscapes and stitching to create enormous prints. The type that you will find in greater metropolitan areas all around our globe. My passion is tuned more to nature and art on the streets. Mainly subjects that can be photographed while on the move. I am just as interested in cool architectural angles and vibrant colors as I am hiking in a mossy forest or walking along the Beach.

I invite you to dance among the pretty patterns, modern mosaics, abstracts, Earthy and Otherworldly things and more…. Imagine a beautiful piece of Art to complement any wall that could use some Flare. Many of the photos can be made into large prints, or squares, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us with special requests and awesome ideas you may have. It’s all about making it happen.

Until we meet again –
Enjoy the Magic,