About Artful Energy

Artful Images That Inspire!

Hi. My name is Debbie and I inspired Artful Energy.

I was born with a vivid imagination and a creative spirit. As a young girl, growing up in Nebraska, I found wildflowers to craft into necklaces and mud used to create beautiful pottery. In school, I enjoyed books, creative writing, philosophy, graphic design and photography.

I was fortunate to learn to fly after I completed High School. That lead to a career in aviation that lasted for many years. I enjoyed traveling and exploring the vast playground that is the USA. I have many fond memories and always had my trusty Canon at the ready.

Now I travel with my husband, who also works with airplanes and who is also an avid photographer. These days we travel all over the world and indulge ourselves in the colorful cultures of our planet.

It is my wish and pleasure to share much of what we have learned.

Welcome to Artful Energy…

Enjoy the magic,
Debbie aka debs